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With the internet we can easily search for “Best Removals Company Near Me”. But like many search results it seems to always be quantity over quality! So here’s 3 Top Points to make choosing a deserving Removals Company easy!


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Point 1 – Consider: Hiring a Removals Company vs doing it yourself?

The correct choice varies from one person to the next. Yet, never underestimate the amount of mental organisation it takes to move location. Not to mention brute strength. Packing and unpacking may seem easy enough, but have you considered lifting your boxes after their packed? Or carrying them through a minefield of new clutter? Then down a flight of steps maybe? And into a rented van… This can be extremely exhausting, especially when taking care with valuables and if you’re working to a tight schedule. So take a breath and think BRAINS over BRAWN! Let a Removals Company lighten your load so you can concentrate on organising your new lease in life.


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Point 2 – Scrutinize The Removals Company Website

Yes Looks can be deceiving. Full Stop! However, a deserving result for your “Best Removals Company Near Me” search should have a pretty serious website. So SCRUTINISE! If their website is outdated that isn’t a good sign. Their website is a sign of how seriously they take their business. Are they even a legitimate company or just another broker??

You don’t have to read everything on their website but get a general feel. They should offer information regarding the services they provide (i.e. Commercial Removals) and where they operate (i.e. Sheffield, Rotherham and the surrounding areas). Likewise they should offer removals advice or even have blogs with beneficial information. This shows their caliber and that they have a genuine interest in what they do. Therefore they’re more likely to place great importance on the services they offer you. Lastly, don’t forget those all important reviews. So what do their clients say?


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Point 3 – Get A Real Quote

Its not always about the cheapest if your concerned about getting value for money.  So ask for what services you can expect. Nevertheless, look out for Removals Companies that offer a Price Match Guarantee. This is a good indicator to price-competitiveness. This way you shouldn’t get ripped-off.

Additionally, better than the Removals Company dictate to you what category your move fits into, they should LISTEN! So be alert during the phone-call. Are they using open ended questions like, “How can we cater to your every need?”. Or is it just a tick-list? Be vocal and ask if your all-important needs can be fulfilled. Otherwise you may be in for a surprise come moving-day! So be prepared beforehand and list all special requirements. Additionally inform your Removals Company regarding any important details, like parking restrictions.

In reality all removals jobs are different. So expect an experienced Removals Company to visit your site before giving a quotation. So be on guard from cowboys!

Oh and make sure the quote is free!

Finally, your quote should be exactly that. Meaning, what you are actually expected to fork-out for your move. A Real Quote. No small print! No suspect estimations! And no hidden costs or extras! So be frank and ask about them. Find out what they are for, how much they cost and when they start.


If your site has more than three rooms its sensible to consider hiring help. Remember you only have one back so save yourself the hassle and potential injury. Also their website is a good place to scrutinize the prospective company. So if your satisfied with what you’ve seen then prepare your list of requirements and call for a Real Quote.



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