Cleaning up Coronavirus in South Yorkshire

Cleaning up corona virus covid 19 in south yorkshire - JR Cleaning & Removals
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We’re just over four months in. Still NO CURE! And Almost 3 million reported infections and over 200,000 deceased. Over 100 countries worldwide. From Wuhan to South Yorkshire. Yes Coronavirus has SPREAD! So whether you’re in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley or Doncaster it’s time to fightback against Coronavirus. But how? Get MEAN when it comes to CLEAN!! So sit back and take notes. Charity begins at home. Here’s a JR’s code: Cleaning up Coronavirus in South Yorkshire.

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Coronavirus: Origins

Official reports trace the origins of Coronavirus (COVID-19) to Wuhan, China. But where exactly?? A wet market, where exotic animals, namely bats were sold. Yes bats! Bats are said to have strong immune systems. So viruses have to work extremely hard to penetrate their defense. However these viruses such as SARS, MERS, EBOLA and now Coronavirus (COVID-19) can jump to mankind. Whilst bats tolerate these viruses other mammals with weaker defenses like humans can be compromised. In some cases sadly causing rapid death.

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Coronavirus: Symptoms

Many different warning signs have circulated on social media and the web. So we present a combination of symptoms reported by the WHO, CDC and NHS:


But in some cases lungs can become inflamed. So the body doesn’t get enough oxygen to survive. Also septic shock can occur when blood pressures are dangerously low. So organs work inadequately or fail completely. From this Coronavirus (COVID-19) can cause multi-organ failure. 

So let’s explore exactly how every Yorkie can go about Cleaning up Coronavirus in South Yorkshire.

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Coronavirus: Prevention

Yes! Prevention is better than cure. So understanding how Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads is the first step. Coronavirus (COVID-19) seems to transmit from person to person. Transmission is most likely to occur when there is close contact with anyone carrying the infection. Especially, when bodily secretions are contacted by others in events of coughing and sneezing. So here’s a summary of the two main pathways:

  • Close Contact (especially within 2mteres).
  • Touching a surface with Coronavirus (COVID-19) germs.

As a prevention to Close Contact Transmission many authorities advise with social distancing. Whilst self-isolation is also encouraged, especially after developing symptoms.

As for prevention against Surface Transmission, then this requires Deep Disinfection Cleaning. Deep Disinfection Cleaning has two essential phases:

  • Phase 1: DEEP CLEAN

This initial phase removes physical dirt and impurities (using detergents) from surfaces or objects. So lowering the number of germs and thus reducing the risk of transmission.


This final phase kills germs (using chemicals) on surfaces. Further reducing the risk of spreading the infection.

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Situation in South Yorkshire

Below is a list of areas in South Yorkshire along with their reported number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases as of 28/04/2020:

Sheffield – 2009 (was 1 on 17/03/2020, then 730 on 04/04/2020)

Doncaster – 411

Rotherham – 655

Barnsley – 590

Wath-upon-Dearne – unknown 

Bentley – unknown

Wombwell – unknown

Chapeltown – 0unknown

Dinnington – unknown

Adwick le Street – unknown

Rawmarsh – unknown

Hoyland – unknown

Maltby – unknown

Conisbrough – unknown

Mexborough – unknown

Swallownest – unknown

Armthorpe – unknown

Dunscroft/Hatfield – unknown

New Rossington – unknown

Stocksbridge – unknown

Cudworth – unknown

Thorne – unknown

Royston – unknown

Penistone – unknown

Worsbrough – unknown

Thurnscoe – unknown

Kiveton Park – unknown

Bolton-upon-Dearne – unknown

Stainforth – unknown

Goldthorpe – unknown

Dodworth – unknown

Askern – unknown

Moorends – unknown

Thurcroft – unknown

Tickhill – unknown

Closing Advice

Whilst the death toll rises daily, there are ways to prevent calamities. So let’s take up the means NOW! Listen to expert medical advise and comply to Cleaning up Coronavirus in South Yorkshire. For more expert cleaning advice and to book a Deep Disinfection Clean contact us now.

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