Disinfection Fogging: A COVID-19 Deep Clean

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Disinfection Fogging. A deep cleaning solution. Possibly something completely new to you? But the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues. So it’s time deploy deep cleaning strategies. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore JR Cleaning & Removals is proud to educate once more and present Disinfection Fogging: A COVID-19 Deep Clean.

What is Fogging?

Fogging is an innovative way to disinfect surfaces and air from pathogens. Pathogens are viruses, fungi, bacteria and other germs that can cause disease. Fogging implements a cold or thermal application.


How does Disinfection Fogging work?

Using a vaporization method, disinfection fogging destroys airborne and surface-based pathogens. The vaporization method requires a fogging machine. So a fogging machine changes disinfectant liquid into vapor. This vapor contains Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets. Hence the name ULV Fogging. So this vapor is rapidly forced out of a fogging machine to terminate germs.


7 Benefits of Disinfection Fogging


Is Fogging really required?

Without doubts a complete deep clean along with disinfection fogging is more ideal. However conventional cleaning is deficient in destroying airborne germs. Fogging on the other hand is more thorough. So it’s wide-reaching capabilities is an upgrade to everyday cleaning. Conventional cleaning methods can miss many areas where coronavirus (COVID-19) can spread. So answering this question depends on how much you want to minimize the risk of infection.


Suitable Environments for Disinfection Fogging

Due to it’s versatile application, Disinfection Fogging can be deployed in various residential and business environments and industries. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Agriculture

Farms, farmhouses, barns, mills, ranches, abattoirs (animal slaughterhouses) etc.

  • Construction

Residential, civil and commercial sites etc.

  • Manufacturing 

Aerospace, pharmaceutical, Automotive, Steel & Metal, Cement, Food, Furniture, Wood, Paper, Textile, Chemical, Machinery, Power, Computer/Electronics, Coal, Petroleum, Rubber, Automation, Plastics, Nonmetallic Mineral, Energy and Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing etc.

  • Health

Hospitals, clinics, care homes, GP practices, pharmacies and dentistry etc. 

  • Transport

Trains, trams, train-stations, tube-stations, buses and bus-stations etc. 

For more advice on Disinfection Fogging especially in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster and all of South Yorkshire visit our Fogging Services page or contact us now.

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