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Disinfection Fogging Clean In Rotherham

What is Fogging? and is it necessary?

Fogging is an innovative way to disinfect surfaces and air from Pathogens . Pathogens are viruses, fungi, bacteria and other germs that can cause disease. Fogging implements a cold or thermal application.

Conventional cleaning methods can miss many areas where coronavirus (COVID-19) can spread. Fogging on the other hand is more thorough, and capable of reaching even the smallest cracks and crevasses.

How does Disinfection Fogging work?

Using a vaporization method, disinfection fogging destroys airborne and surface-based pathogens. The vaporization method requires a fogging machine. So a fogging machine changes disinfectant liquid into vapor. This vapor contains Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets. Hence the name ULV Fogging. So this vapor is rapidly forced out of a fogging machine to terminate germs.

What are the benefits of Fogging?

Kills 99% of viruses.

Studies have shown that disinfection fogging kills 99.9999% of viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Fights COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Studies have shown that ULV droplets are ideal to tackle pathogens, such as Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Wide Reach

The fogging vapor or mist reaches even the smallest cracks and crevasses, and can cover large areas fast.

100% Safe

We use a completely natural substance which is 100% safe for human and animal contact.

Minimal Disruption

Fogging implements a quick and effective application method. So this means minimal disruption to everyday business and activities.

Deep Cleaning Solution

A fogging clean adheres to mainstream solutions in tackling coronavirus (COVID-19).

How to book your Fogging clean

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Just fill in the contact form at the top of this page or give us a call on 0753 840 4471

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Visit from Fogging Specialist

Our Rotherham fogging cleaning specialist will then visit your premises and conduct a thorough ULV Disinfection fogging clean.

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Certificate & Confirmation

Once your fogging clean has been completed, you will receive a certificate & confirmation of the clean within 24hrs after the clean.

Our clients say

We have vast experience with ULV Disinfection fogging cleaning systems and services throughout Rotherham. Backed by our satisfied customer base.

Kevin Bray

After my partner was admitted into hospital with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) I searched online for "COVID-19 Disinfection Cleaning Service" and found JR. After speaking with them, they came out promptly, and performed a thorough deep clean of my bungalow using the disinfection fogging cleaning machine. They were very efficient and professional.

Melina Matsoukas

We operate a busy care home and often need regular deep cleans and disinfection fogging cleans at our premises. We can always count on Joseph and the team at JR to carry out thorough cleans for us.

Post Disinfection Certification
& Confirmation of treatment report

Certificate of Misting Disinfection fogging disinfection cleaning covid-19 coronavirus
Upon completion of our visit you will receive a confirmation certificate and treatment report for your fogging clean.

Suitable Environments for Disinfection Fogging

Due to it’s versatile application, Disinfection Fogging can be deployed in various residential and business environments and industries. These include, but are not limited to:


Farms, farmhouses, barns, mills, ranches, abattoirs (animal slaughterhouses) etc.


Residential, civil and commercial sites etc.


Aerospace, pharmaceutical, Automotive, Steel & Metal, Cement, Food, Furniture, Wood, Paper, Textile, Chemical, Machinery, Power, Computer/Electronics, Coal, Petroleum, Rubber, Automation, Plastics, Nonmetallic Mineral, Energy and Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing etc.


Hospitals, clinics, care homes, GP practices, pharmacies and dentistry etc. 


Trains, trams, train-stations, tube-stations, buses and bus-stations etc. 

For more advice on Disinfection Fogging especially in London, Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster, and all of South Yorkshire contact us now.

Approved Health & Safety Management

Most importantly, JR is an SMAS Worksafe and Citation Approved Contractor. Therefore, demonstrating that all of our fogging cleaning services are conducted in accordance to the latest heath and safety practices and procedures. 

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