How Professional Cleaners can improve employee productivity

Lightbulbs - Professional Cleaners can improve employee productivity - JR cleaning and removals
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It’s not hard to perceive how professional cleaners can improve employee productivity. So ask yourself? Would you bear working 9-5 in an environment hazardous to health? Still need more convincing… then read-on for our awakening. A JR special on How Professional Cleaners can improve employee productivity.


medication - Professional Cleaners can improve employee productivity - JR cleaning and removals

Topic 1: Employee Health (Physical)

Many work places are home to personnel of varing hygiene standards. So expecting all your staff to consistently observe ‘cleanliness at it’s best’ is unrealistic. This creates a big problem. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) concludes that in the UK in 2018:

  • an estimated 141.4 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury.
  • minor illness such as coughs or colds were from the four main reasons for sickness absence.
  • minor illnesses accounted for 27.2% (38.5 million days) of the total days lost to sickness.

Indiana University conducted a study regarding cleanliness. Participants who kept their homes clean were found to be healthier and more active than those who didn’t. So it’s not hard to believe that some germs that can live 5 months on a dry surface. 

It’s easy to understand more germs, more down-time.

Whereas frequent cleaning helps to prevent the spread of germs. So if you invested in professional cleaners the chances of bacteria harming your employees is significantly reduced. This should result in less sick days and therefore increased employee productivity. Meaning more time for your staff to get better at what they do. And more time for you to make more money!


Paper clutter - Professional Cleaners can improve employee productivity - JR cleaning and removals

Topic 2: Employee Health (Mental)

In today’s modern world, clean is part of being professional and this appeals to clientele. Clean also appeals to staff and allows them to better concentrate on given tasks. Mental health conditions (including stress, anxiety and depression) were also from the four main reasons of sickness absence in 2018.

A different study published in the scientific journal (2010) concluded:

  • Participants who described their homes as full of “unfinished projects” or “cluttered” were more likely to be depressed and tired than participants who described their homes as “restorative” and “restful”. 

Researchers also found that participants with cluttered homes had higher levels of the stress hormone (cortisol). Yet this is just at home! So imagine stress levels at a messy workplace along with personality clashes, favourtisms and performance pressures!?

Another study at Princeton University concluded that clutter can make it more difficult to concentrate. They found the human brain can be overwhelmed by irrelevant objects which decreases productivity. So clearly clutter and grime diverts you and your team from moving forward! Whilst calling professional cleaners soothes tensions for more composed minds.


timer - Professional Cleaners can improve employee productivity - JR cleaning and removals

Topic 3: Employee Time Management

This topic is essential and focuses on the currency everyone spends, rich or poor. When we say currency we mean life’s true currency… Time! Imagine losing whole working days whilst your staff are fully fit and present at work?! Yes… WHOLE DAYS! How could this happen, right? Well frankly for many people, there comes a point where dirt and mess is intolerable. So everything must stop! Until ‘fresh‘ and ‘neat‘ are reached. Naturally this comes at a price. Something you nor your staff will ever get back… Time! So wouldn’t it be better spent selling more Yorkshire puddings and Yorkshire curd tarts? Or whatever it is you do to pay the bills?

So whats the proof? An international  showed that information workers loose more than two hours a week fruitlessly searching for, but not finding documents. They also loose up to two hours a week recreating lost documents. That’s over 9 working days a year lost because of mess!! Almost £400 every year burned on just one staff member earning just £8.70 an hour!! So imagine your losses from just a handful of workers?

Whats the cause? Clutter, mess, lack of organisation and lack of cleanliness. Whereas professional cleaners are well-equipped and learned with the solution. Their diligent work fights against accumulation of mess and aid in establishing a ethos in your organisation. So enlisting the services of professional cleaners improves employee productivity

Stress - JR cleaning and removals


It’s a no-brainer to comprehend that a clean and tidy working area enhances progress. So then the opposite would hold true as the above studies express. More germs and clutter are barriers to success. So why settle for stress? Prevention is certainly better than cure. So be sure to introduce professional cleaners to increase your employee productivity

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