Professional Builders Clean? Reasons You Need One!

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So you may be thinking you got the answer to the question, right? After all it’s not rocket science. That’s right! Builders typically leave mess. So an after builders mess needs an after builders clean… Spot on! But not just any clean. Rather a certified after builders clean, delivered by a professional after builders cleaning company. But why? Great question! Let’s answer it! So here’s another JR Cleaning and Removals blog-buster, without further ado, we’ve already set the scene. This is ‘Why Do You Need A Professional Builders Clean?‘.


So What is a Builders Clean Anyways?

That’s right in true JR fashion, let’s begin with defining what we’re on about. So what is a builders clean?

A builders clean, after builders clean or post construction clean is a thorough clean of premises after a construction or renovation project has been completed. So this is a more comprehensive clean and differs to your daily domestic or commercial cleans. Your domestic or commercial cleans are lighter and occur more frequently. This contrasts with builders cleaning which is a lot more intensive and likely to only be a one-off.

So now let’s dive right into the reasons why you need a professional builders clean…


Reasons Why You Need A Professional Builders Clean.

To start off, here we are not talking about a DIY clean after the contractors have finished. No! Rather it’s a professional clean by a professional cleaning company. Obviously. But this is not so obvious for some. That’s correct! Many underestimate the huge gulf in class between cleaning professionally and pouring hot water, washing-up liquid and bleach in a bucket then moping!

So that brings us fluidly into the first reason!


Firstly, Professional Cleaning Can Save Lives.

Unfortunately, in recent times we have seen an awakening into the importance of adequate hygiene levels. Meaning that being clean can be the difference between living and loosing a loved one. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has reportedly claimed over 800,000 lives worldwide. So based on this, getting your cleaning right first time is imperative. Moreover, professional builders cleaners know industry relevant safe practices such as:

  • Not starting immediately after works have finished to allow harmful dust to settle. Rather, waiting a few days and then executing the clean.
  • Not starting until all trades have ceased works. This saves time and minimizes the risk of accidents.
  • Carrying out assessment of the premises before cleaning. Thus highlighting key areas and preparing for them. Also, determining the best order of cleaning.
  • Preparing safe volumes of various cleaning solutions.
  • Coming in with PPE relevant to the chemicals being used and environment worked in.
  • Consideration given to the different trades and their diverse range of materials and chemicals and how to clean them properly.

Additionally, and as a perk that comes with hiring a professional cleaning company with removals experience. Or professional cleaners like ourselves (JR) who are also a professional removals company. You may have guessed it… Yes! Waste Removal! It’s essential and must be conducted safely and at the beginning of builders cleaning operations.


Secondly and Quite Frankly, Professional Builders Cleaners Know What They’re Doing!

That’s right! Professionals are not anointed with this lofty accolade for no reason. Don’t quite get it? Hmm.. Ok. Ask yourself. For example. When your Toyota Avensis Estate breaks-down on the M1 between Sheffield and Rotherham, WHO DO YOU CALL? South Yorkshire’s finest plumbers? Well ofcourse not. You call professional mechanics, even if they have to drive in from Doncaster. Or even Barnsley. Why? Well because they are trained in dealing with cars. So they know about the different components and oils that makes cars run good! Likewise professional builders cleaners know the different types of chemicals needed for the best clean on various surfaces and when removing different substances. So if you go to a novice for anything don’t expect satisfactory results. Rather they could end up damaging your completed masterpiece. Thus costing you money in repairs. If there is still a budget for that!


Thirdly, Tradesmen Are Swindlers With Time!

Okay, we won’t say all. As surely there are still some noblemen out there. But unfortunately time for tradesmen like everyone else is money. So depending on what agreement you have with them, naturally they’d be trying to make the most of it. Meaning that if you’ve factored-in a clean-up after the project is completed, this may turn into a sweep under the carpet! So on the surface it’s clean. But with a closer look it’s miles off! That’s because:

  • Firstly, tradesmen overstaying on a job could mean hefty daily losses for them on staff wages. And all the while, they may have another job they want to get cracking-on with. So there’s a conflict of interests.
  • Secondly, tradesmen aren’t professional cleaners. So even if they work honestly and in good time, their results are limited.




Finally, Professional Builders Cleaners Have The Correct Equipment For The Job!

So to keep this short and sweet, we’ll let the title speak for itself. Ask yourself! What everyday contractors or tradesmen stock specialist after builders cleaning equipment? So other than an actual professional cleaning company, who sources trade specific and market leading cleaning apparatus and substances like:

  • Specialized indoor and outdoor brooms and Squeegees.
  • Surface scrubbing machines and Dryers.
  • Surface polishing machines.
  • Janitor cleaning carts.
  • Commercial de-greasers.
  • Glass cleaning tools.
  • Commercial vacuum cleaner.

Also not only would they need to stock a range of these substances and equipment, correct PPE and more. But also they’d have to source them at market leading rates in order to pass savings down to you. The client. So this requires specialization and experience in the field.

Otherwise how could they be price competitive?


Conclusion: So Do You Know Why You Need A Professional Builders Clean Now?

So as a round-up, whether you want to call it a:

  • Builders clean.
  • After builders clean.
  • Post renovation clean.
  • Or even a post construction clean.

One things for sure. It’s not your everyday office clean. Yes! There’s a lot more to it. Even if it’s only a one off! But remember you’ve put a lot into your new look premises, construction project or renovation. So don’t get complacent at the very end. Why? It could be costly. It could delay you getting back-up and running. Or could even mean costs in damages. So don’t give into haste. Rather do it the professional way. Just simply call a team that know what they’re doing. At the very least you’ll save yourself the headache. So for a pristine and professional builders clean anywhere in South Yorkshire, just give JR a call! Teamwork makes the Dream work! Thanks for reading.


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